Hi I am Sam

I am a 41 year old mum of three and up until 14 months ago I was pretty much lost. Lost within running my own business, being a mum and losing my identity. And dealing with it the only way I knew how.....a bottle of wine or two on an evening to have me time.

I have written a mini ebook explaining how it was and how the change really has helped me start living and stop existing x

I have three passions in life now.

  • My children and being present in our life together
  • Exploring my own dreams and understanding what life is for me
  • Helping other women start their own journey together so the can rise from the bottle and regain their clarity and love for life.

Changing habits can be daunting, especially when we have relied on it for a long time.  But if it does not work for you anymore and you feel this in your gut, then its time to make those changes.  Slowly with support.