New Beautiful Disaster Blog - Welcome

Beautiful Disaster is a blog about how life can come crashing down and realisations that your living not how you want to live, not being how you want to be, its about human doing and not human being....Giving up alcohol and understanding life is precious and important and so are we...yes us mummies who loose ourselves in the daily routines and parenting highs and lows.

Lots has happened since I posted the original, what started this all video, but here it is so you can see what happened at the start!  This was back in the new year, before COVID, before lockdown, before my dad become terminally ill and before he died.  I have made changes since this video and thats what this blog is about. 

The first blog about those changes will be published soon, but I thought I should start from the beginning, back when I thought I knew there was an issue, but before I really really understood it and before it got worse...

I hope that this helps someone else in my position...if it doesnt and no one ever reads it, thats fine too as  its helping me xx Sam xx


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