The Third Lockdown Effect...Time to Get Healthy!

Almost nine months ago I gave up drinking...I sorted my foggy cloudy anxiety ridden brain out by ditching the daily wine and as well as my mental health it’s also improved my skin, my hair, my brain and made me a more present parent and happier person
I managed to stay feeling pretty vibrant and energetic throughout the second lockdown due to all the outdoor time and the 'newness' of being sober....
BUT..I have to admit I’ve not been able to consistently eat all....I replaced wine with chocolate and sugar and have done zero exercise..I feel sluggish and tired all the time and I know it’s because I am not giving my body any proper goodness and I’m not giving it enough of anything it really needs..
I dont eat proper meals, I skip breakfast, I throw in a chocolate bar for lunch and have some crisps as a snack and then I rely on the husband to cook me dinner because I cant be bothered and if he isnt there....I tend to eat a tub of ice cream or some toast.....I rarely touch a vegetable and for some reason I  always miss the fruit bowl and end up at the chocolate stash! 
This started to really become apparent during the third lockdown... we stayed in more, we were not doing our daily exercise, it was cold and boring and winter had me eating more and more for comfort and generally I think I experienced a little SAD...
The thing is, my drinking habit was the focus and I knew I needed  to deal with the that first to ensure I was confident I had beaten that demon before adding the final piece of the puzzle to get myself feeling healthy in all feel better in my skin completely on the inside and outside by the time I’m one year sober!
And then yesterday I woke up and just knew I needed it to change, I couldnt keep having my brain firing on all cylinders all clear head and motivated while my body was so lethargic and feeling out of sorts...I have so many plans and the tiredness and feeling unhealthly and slugglish is not helping them happen!  
So I want to take the last few months until my one year sober anniversary and focus on that missing piece of the puzzle...I want to start looking after my body more and I want to start feeling energetic and strong! 
Im currently 11 stone 4.  This may sound heavy to some, it may sound light to some and it might sound like an ideal weight to others.  My weight isnt what bothers me it is how I feel...Its now I feel when I move and its now I feel when I look in the mirror.  I have measurements of my body and this is how I will monitor my progress, ive decided not to weigh myself or give myself a target, its about how my clothes fit, how my body feels and how I feel as I get fitter! 
So im putting it out there, into the world.  I am giving myself a few months to get my new eating and exercise habits into be able to celebrate my one year sober anniversary at the start of July feeling amazing and hopefully with rainbow hair and a pierced nose (lets hope we can go and have these things done soon!!!) and to take the next year on with even more new challenges!
Ive managed to change so many habits this year and add lots of positive things into my day, like reading, journalling, meditation, skin care....but the eating has been something I knew I needed to be ready to tackle!
So I am working through a membership programme with Vikki PT and will be documenting the journet because putting out my issues about drinking helped me stay accountable so I thought this is part of the journey I need to share in case anyone else is struggling with this too!
Everything takes time...small steps can make big changes and it is NEVER TOO LATE to change xx 

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