When Mummy Went Waterfall Hunting

We all need a break...I think that this is a fact that we all know!  When you are a mummy and your running the home, whether your a stay at home mum, a go out to work mum, a work from home mum, or whatever we all now are due to COVID 2020, a break from the year and life is important!

BUT, for the majority of us, we DONT DO IT!  There is always something else thats needs doing, childcare that would not be possible, work deadlines, childrens activities, money.....all of these things plus our sense of not being deserving, of putting ourselves last before everything and everyone else.

So, after that has been the worst year of my life this year, it was decided due to my achievement in giving up the daily wine intake and bettering myself I should get away to have some head space, and that I did!

Since moving to Wales I have been fascinated by the Breacon Beacons, but time and anxiety had been standing in my way! Now with a clear head and a load more time and ALOT less anxiety I felt the pull even more!  The pull to be in nature and away from everyone and everything!  

SO hubby picked me a hotel and I decided on a waterfall walk and last weekend, a dream of over almost eleven years finally became a reality!  I left the house childcare sorted and bags packed and off I went on my adventure! 

I battled my fear of driving into the unknown and even conquered driving along the side of a mountain (steep ravine as far as I was concerned) through tears and sweat!  But after a little bit of a lost moment I found my way and off me and my wonder woman leggings went to explore the beautiful surroundings and check out the waterfalls.

The whole process was very emotional and I have to say there were tears and upset but also smiles and an overwhelming sense of happiness!  Sat at the bottom of a waterfall stabbing my wreck this book with a pencil (its what the page told me to) released emotions and feelings I had kept inside for months, possibly years and as I sat next to the waterfall tears streaming down my face and mud on my hands from dirtying the other page I felt the most human I had felt in forever! 

When I had my fill of the most gorgeous place I had ever seen I then stayed at the most wonderful hotel...at first I wasn't sure what to do, I mean I have never had that much time on my hands before EVER!....so I did what any normal person would do.... had two baths, read a book and had a three course meal all by myself!  It was utter utter bliss!  The head space I had was equal to what I would have normally had over the space of about three months and I made decisions, searched my self for answers and of course star-fished in bed and watched whatever I wanted on the TV!



The ground of the hotel were stunning being so close to the breacons and I got to walk in the grounds, take a stroll by the huge rushing river and just enjoy the moments without any interruptions! I dont think I have ever known what it is like to just BE without anyone shouting mummy or the phoning binging for work! It was just what the doctor should have ordered a long time ago!  Maybe they should start doing prescriptions for it, I think we would have a lot less stressed out mummies on our hands!

And another goal achieved, I did the whole time without one drop of wine or alcohol and it made such a difference to how I enjoyed the food, how I slept and how I ate all my breakfast and went for a walk early in the morning!  Just epic! 


So driving home, I had a thought, I decided that I wanted to give someone else that opportunity!  I wanted another mummy to experience what it was like to really be on your own with just our thoughts, books, good food and a bed to yourself for the night!  So thats what we are doing!  We have a giveaway running right now for a one night bed and breakfast stay plus dinner and drinks at the fabulous Llangoed Hotel for one lucky mummy!  If you want to nominate yourself or someone you know to win this giveaway please enter here on our facebook page 

 So my recommendation for all mummies who are feeling overwhelmed, you have to take some time, even one day or one evening (or both) ALONE, out of the house, away from everyone and everything, just with your thoughts and to let it all OUT! It doesnt have to be somewhere far away, it doesnt need to be an expensive hotel in the middle of nowhere, it just needs to be for you, head space for you and time to think without distraction xx Sam xx



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