Join me for a chat about ACCEPTANCE

For the last few years I have realised that I worried about a lot of things that only caused me extra anxiety and caused arguments within the household. 

I tried to control certain things because I believed that things had to be done the right way, that targets for children were important and that if things didn’t meet certain expectations they were wrong and needed to be changed!

But I was always at war with myself, it never felt right...soon after we started home schooling I felt some of those ideas start to ebb away and over the last few years I’ve started to realise that some things don’t need to be changed and I just needed to accept that was what was right for me or my children at that particular time......accepting certain ways my children act or the way I want to be has be very freeing and has resulted in less stress, worry and arguments.

I should point out that acceptance isn’t magic...we still argue and we still have worries but not about the small stuff and sometimes I can think about something differently and work out if it needs changing for a reason or if I can just accept it for now and review it later.

I popped into Breathe Smile Laugh the other evening in my pjs just to explain some of the things I have learnt to accept which makes less tension for me and the family.

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