Borax...Contact Lense Solution...Airwick!!!!! Im drawing a line under slime making!

Who has a child obsessed with slime?  Who worries that ingredients like flipping Airwick Aerosol are ridiculous!

So the slime fad came and for most parents, if you have a child like mine, it has never left!  This is one craze which I think will stay for a long time and to be fair messy play using slime and goo has always been fun and always been used in play for learning and development!

                                    Lilbit playing with slime baff

BUT! The more I see of the recipes being thrown about and used the more I worry!  The most recent worry came when Lilbit arrived home after popping out with our neighbour and his child, armed with some slime making ingredients they had popped to the shop with.....namely, shaving foam (fine - I use that all the time in play), PVA glue (fine no worries there) and a can of Airwick (not fine).  They had been in the shops and had been denied being sold the glue and shaving foam due to age but had been sold the airwick, The dad popped in and grabbed the other bits for them.

I questioned why they needed the airwick and was told it is the element which would turn their glue and shaving foam into slime.  I was concerned so I went outside with them and watched this happen and ensured they were spraying the airwick far away (apparently this then doesn't make it work but over my dead body is my child spraying aerosol close up to her mouth and airways). Anyway when the spray wouldnt come out any more my neighbours child said it was fine she would pierce the can and let the liquid come out the that was it for me, the can went into the bin and the slime making stopped.

Heres the thing...if you check out the product safety data sheets (or warnings on the actual tins) you will see these things

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not inhale / Breathe in spray
  • Do not swallow
  • Do not pierce or burn even when empty

They are there for a reason and I for one am not going to put my kids at risk just to make slime (which lets face it will at some point end up in the bin or stuck in their hair!)

So it got me thinking that maybe the Gelli Slime would be a great replacement, even if it isnt fluffy slime! That although its a different texture to those that kids are making, is it in fact PROPER Slime!  Can they still experiment and will they still enjoy it... So we tried it out, and as you will see for yourselves, it got a massive thumbs up and all I needed to give them was water to add to a non toxic mix! WINNING! Check out the video to see (this was a live video so nothing is staged!)

We had such a fab time with this and we wanted to share our best tips for using it:

1. Add the water to the powder slowly and experiment with the textures

2. The more you play with it the thicker it becomes!  It takes a few minutes to become thick slime

3. If you add the water slowly you can keep adding water to change the texture

4. You can keep it for a few days if you leave it in the tub / bowl 

5. Clean up is easy as water dissolves the slime!  

6. For clean up off your hands, warm soapy water is best but if you do not have that to hand make sure you have some kitchen roll to wipe majority off and then use cool water to wash up! 

Messy Play is super fun especially when you can do it outside! And we do not just have slime we have gelli baff and snow play too!  Check it all out here!!



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