Bringing Inspiration indoors from the outdoors

If you visit new places bring the inspiration home to extend the play!

We have a member ship to the National Trust as it is our plan to take the kids on lots of adventures to see new places and explore the world around us! Starting with those closet to us including gardens, manor houses, parks, beaches and even waterfalls! 

We visited our local one today, Dyffryn Gardens and the girls had a lovely time exploring the grounds and playing on the huge wood park they have made out of  tree trunks and making dens with large branches!  We decided to bring home smaller versions of the trunks and branches and bring them home with us as well as some leaves and rocks and whatever else they decided looked fun!

We then came home out of the much needed rain that showed up this afternoon (it didnt last long and the sun was straight back out) and we used our stash of nature with our pieces of wood, sensory blocks, moss and fruit counters as well as their favourite small play characters / soft toys to recreate what they did when we were out!

Its great to be able to enjoy all of this with them all and great we managed to do both the outdoor and indoor activities all together as even our little man was able to enjoy it and experience the gardens being front facing in the sling and then joining in (with my constant supervision of course) in the playroom! 

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