Colour Water with NO food Colouring!!

activities for children sensory water play

I know some people may be getting stuck for ideas of what to do with the little ones as lots of us have exhausted our toys and our ideas over lockdown and second lockdowns and firebreaks and isolations!!

This popped up in my memories today and I think it would be fab for potion making and water play!  And as long as you have some water and felt tips and paper then your good to go!


Just colour pieces of paper with a felt tip pen, pop it into a bottle of water of a cup or glass and give it a good stir, ,shake, squidge to get the colour going! 

You could do with a number of colours to create coloured water to mix up and play with!  You can see from Erins face in the video that she loved doing it!

If you wanted to have something cool as a gift or for a stocking filler then you could also grab some crackle baff which colours the water but also when you pop it in the water it crackles and pops just like a big bowl of popping candy!  Which is cool for play or of course in the bath!! Check it out here 

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