I’m Mum and Home is Home x

For anyone worried about home schooling. We have been home schooling/alternative schooling our 11 year old since she was 7 and at the moment we just live life and do normal things during the day with no “academic” study involved. She has started her own business and made money to save spend and reinvest and today she cooked myself and my husband a Japanese meal she watched being cooked on an anime programme. She is designing houses and outfits on roblox and talking to friends via letter and tech and although she academically isn’t “where she should be” she’s very street wise, business and money savvy and a very articulate speaker and fantastic company (when not being a moody tween)

When the pandemic isn’t upon us she goes to an alternative forest school which runs purely in a forest with no resources or homework. It’s been a breathe of fresh air and she’s come on leaps and bounds when there x

My five year old started school in September and I have decided we won’t be doing the screen time school (we are also lucky because there isn’t a pressure to do that either) because she doesn’t want too and she learns at home in her own way, her home is her safe space where she feels comfortable and she can’t cope bringing the two together. She zoom calls her friends every now and then, plays and goes for walks with us, plays computer games and reads books just like a normal home day x

She can learn in school when it gets back to normal with the fabulous people who love teaching and know what they are doing and who she enjoys being taught by. I’m her mum and we have enough battles to over come without me trying to be all the things!

I know you may have all heard this before but please try not to stress, at some point one day a long time ago someone decided on the “target levels for each age” for learning and development - those targets DID NOT include being taught at home by parents , did not include the many many differences in each child and without a doubt didn’t include a plague over the world coming into play for this length of time...... they are based on children being taught in school at certain ages for a certain amount of time learning specific topics that our amazingly trained teachers know how to do x

Be kind to yourself..if you can’t do it one day let them go with what they want to do and see what happens xx 😘

I was gunna post a pic of our food but I hate seeing pictures of food lol so here’s us x



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