What is a Colour Wheel? Why do we think they are AWESOME!?!

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So many of you will already know that here at Lilbits we are always looking for awesome and unusual resources to add to our product range and one day by complete accident we came across the AMAZING Chrysanthos Trigeod™ color wheel puzzle!

We loved this item for various reasons:

  • Its wooden and beautiful
  • They are smooth pieces which have a great finish to them - no jagged edges or rough surfaces!
  • It teaches the three primary colours as well as three secondary and six tertiary colors!  Find more information about the science behind the colour wheel HERE
  • Its a lovely size for both small and large hands for grasping
  • Its got a simple packaging you can use to store the pieces in
  • Its great for popping in your handbag / baby bag for outings such as meals out and trips on the train to play with and keep your little ones occupied
  • Its ideal for children and adults who are in love with rainbow resources!
  • It can be a puzzle to bring the pieces back into sequence in various ways
  • It is completely open to the imagination with 2D and 3D shapes and patterns to be made!

The wheels can be purchased individually or in sets of up to 10 - sets of 10 are great for schools and large childcare settings such as nurseries and come with a colour wheel poster which can be used to make different patterns using colour theory as seen here:

The wheels can ONLY be purchased from Lilbits within the UK and to ensure they have met with our own ethos of affordable and accessible resources we have ensured we have been able to provide them to you at a great price!

We have some great pictures of the wheel being used which we have shared below!              






We hope you think this versatile little wheel is a great as we do!  But if you have any questions please contact us to ask xx

Sam, Sam, Lilbit, Lilbird and Lilbump!



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