Is it a Boy or a Girl???? Gender Reveal with a small twist!!!

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So some of you may or may not be aware that Lilbits are pregnant and our expanding the family by one more!  For me especially due to previous issues surrounding pregnancies being pregnant actually causes me alot of anxiety and worry!  So when it comes around to scan dates I am normally completely unapproachable and its best to leave me alone for a few days!  (as the family are well aware now!)

So today was our anomaly scan and I was at my complete worst this morning and couldn't handle anything, no matter how small.  So we packed up work midday and traveled to the hospital with Lilbit (Lilbird was not coming that would have been a disaster for everyone!) I was very apprehensive but at the same time I knew that today would be the day that we may find out what we were having (the last pregnancy I had a surprise so it was hubby's turn to get his way and find out!)

So we explained to the fantastic scan lady (i have no clue what that job title bad is that) that if everything was OK and if she could see that we would like her to write down the gender for us in an envelope, which she agreed to do!

The 20 week scan for me, seems like an eternity, but it is so fascinating to see what these people look for and see through the ultrasound, its unbelievable!  Lilbit got to see all the limbs and the brain and heart and thankfully we were given the thumbs up that everything was as it should be!

So the Sonographer (i got it now!) made us all close our eyes and checked between the legs and we left with our envelope ready to go to the cake makers who had baked us our gender reveal cakes so we could share the moment with family!

However, I did have a sneaky plan up my sleeve as I knew just how much hubby and Lilbit wanted to have a boy (no matter how much they said it did not matter).  I hatched a plan with the cake baker so if it was a boy I could play a tiny trick on them at the cake reveal (it means I knew the gender a little bit before they did, but it was worth it to see their reactions!)

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