Post Xmas Sale has started!

So to celebrate all that is Christmas, the end of the year, new year, January and our new addition (due start of January if not before) we have decided to have a nice big sale for all our customers to take advantage of!

So if there is something you have had your eye on or something you did not manage to get in time for Christmas, why not purchase it now with a great big 15% off and use it for birthdays or dare i say it 2018 Christmas presents!!  (as I know lots of you will be more organised than me!)

Or did you get some money for your little ones for Christmas and would like to treat them to something nice!

We have had some great feedback from out customers and their children over Christmas and we hope that this will continue into 2018!  

We are looking forward to bringing in new products, continuing to show you what can be done with our resources and having lots of fun along the way!

To get 15% off the cost of all products online just use code LILBEAR before checkout xx

Lilbits xx

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