New and much much improved You Tube Channel!

So as some of you may know we do everything here at Lilbits by ourselves from the choosing of products, advertising, order picking and boring accounting!  It makes it our very own baby and its hard to let new people in to help (we need to get better at delegation!)

However....every now and then, you meet someone who just fits in with what your all about and we met such a person a little while ago...her name is Katy and she runs the you tube channel Invisiblei!  Its an amazing channel and you need to have a look!  

So Katy agreed to come and work with us a Lilbits and help us with some explanations as to how our products can assist people with anxiety, autism, mindfulness and of course sensory play!

So starting from 1 December we will be running 24 Days of Lilbits with videos of our products and what they do and also Katy has been working very hard recently and has made some fantastic videos showing off Lilbits and our fabulous products.

I have added a few of my favourite ones below xx  If you like these do not forget to pop over to our channel and subscribe so you can check out our 24 days of Lilbits videos too! 







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