No one really gives a s**t when your pregnant with your third!

How different is being pregnant with your third to the others?

I never thought I would be pregnant with three children, in fact going back a number of years I never thought I would ever be pregnant at all so all three are a blessing!   But I have noticed some very clear changes from being pregnant with your first and second to expecting your third...I thought I would share them.....

  • The reactions are different, when you announce a pregnancy after your first and second ones, people are happy but lets face it, you have already done it twice so its more of a "yeah, nice work - just let us know when the baby arrives so we can have cuddles"
  • You will see a midwife like four times maximum 
  • The first thought when you tell your family is "are they going to ask us to babysit all three at the same time"
  • You most probably will not get another baby shower -people may think your taking the mick by now :-)
  • You will have no clue how pregnant you are throughout your pregnancy
  • Your ability to put anything together in your brain and it stick there for more than two seconds is gone - thought processes, sentences, work stuff its all gone and you will wing everything including eating and dressing...I have no idea if it comes back - ill let you know - I'm praying it does
  • Anti-natal classes - you wont get offered these anymore, your chances of being in a yummy mummy group of women with similarly aged children is gone, find some - hang out in soft plays and cafes and just add yourself in - no one will notice an extra person will they?
  • You will most probably need a new car - this does not happen when you move up to two children
  • New house?  Probably
  • You have no clue how pregnant you are - have I already mentioned that??
  • You cannot wait for the hospital stay -  you want to ensure you get a good long stay so you can have time to yourself - oh yes three days after a csection laid in bed with a newborn who just sleeps and eats - sounds like heaven doesnt it??  (well it does to me)
  • People rarely mention you being pregnant and you rarely mention it (expect to your partner who you remind every single hour of the day in case he forgets that's why you are incapable of cooking dinner, thinking or putting together sentences)
  • You DO NOT get naps during the day - this is something that is not going to happen like it did on your first and you may have snuck a few in on your second but sleep is a luxury now...go to bed early if you can that's the only way to get any rest!
  • Photographing your pregnancy - I have no idea if I am in the majority or minority but I have one bump pic, unlike the 5000 I have from the other two.....

The long and short of it is that once you have had your first then given them a cute sibling no on really gives a shit, you even don't to a point as you have so much more to do - don't get me wrong this is actually a good thing, the pregnancy goes faster and you have less time to worry!   I wish I had been pregnant with my third on my first!!!! 

I did a video on it last night, it was gone 10 I was tired, I may have swore during it...sorry....

 Love Sam (approx 30 weeks pregnant and counting down)

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