Play Mags are literally the BEST toy EVER!

We make no secret when we think a toy is just amazing!  And the PLAYMAGS are one of the items we can safely say ALWAYS please all ages!

These magnetic tiles connect together easily to create basic and complex structures depending on age and ability!  Whether you building simple towers of boxes or houses and sky scrapers these are a fabulous resource which keep children (and adults) entertained for ages!

We have had feedback from lots of customers and at play sessions that these have been easier to use for their children who normally find construction type toys like lego to complex and frustrating so this is great that not only are they are fun and creative resource they are also quite inclusive for those with maybe limited fine or gross motor skills.  

You can make in 2D and 3D and use on radiators and whiteboards as well as just using them on their own!


We have found that these keep a child focused for long periods of time, creating and undoing and looking through the tiles!  We have used these to make stained glass windows and our eldest who is nine and her best friend who is 11 have made SO many doll houses and mansions we have lost count of the designs! 

You can start of small with a starter pack or go big with a 100 or 150 pack and they even have base boards you can buy just like Lego so you can have a even bigger  space to build on! 

They are almost addictive to play with and I can safely say that they are the most used toy between all of our children in this house! And I know from feedback from customers that this is the same in lots of homes across the country!  They really are just epic! Plus due to the translucent colour they are great for using on a light table!



Just check out some of the awesome pics we have gathered up from our own home and customers!  







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