Self Care Planning

Do you plan your self care?  PRINTABLE PLANNER DOWNLOAD HERE

Just one action a day for yourself can have such benefits for making yourself feel good and having something to look forward too!

I found after giving up drinking that I was practicing self care all the time, I was walking, taking relaxing baths, talking with friends, doing my hair, learning about meditation and reading but slowly bad habits started up again and I started putting myself last again!

So to combat that I have started to write a plan each week to ensure that each day I have one thing that is non negotiable, just for me and its written down so I know what it is, what to look forward to and to arrange to pop it in my day and get it done! 

We have to look after ourselves! We dont want burn out

I created a simple design for one thing per day to do for me! You can download it here and print off and create a weekly schedule!  You dont have to change it each week either, get used to doing something for a few weeks, make it routine and then change it up when you feel ready: PDF DOWNLOAD HERE 

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