Should you go to Lego World? We say YES!


We went to Lego world on Tuesday and on our way home I did a quick review of our day out! 

Here are 10 tips for a great day out!

  1. If you can go outside of the school holidays / weekend for a less busy time
  2. Take plenty of drinks and snacks as a bottle of water was £2.25
  3. Download the app so you can see the timing and opening of the rides
  4. Pay for your parking and food (if your eating there - if you have space bring lunch too) BEFORE you go online - its cheaper
  5. Check online for deals - on the gate entry is £47 PER PERSON!  Currently online its £28!  Or grab McDonalds happy meal boxes and get the 2 4 1 vouchers to make it cheaper
  6. Use Sun Savers - we had two completely FREE tickets as well as 2 4 1 which made the whole entry only £47 for all four of us
  7. If you can try not to go when ASCOT is on (like we did) this causes traffic!  If you do go when Ascot is on, listen to the advice of the park and leave before 4.30 and TURN RIGHT when you leave and not Left! 
  8. Measure your child before you book, if your little one doesn't measure 90cm there isn't really anything they can go on so would be disappointing for them
  9. GO on the Submarine ride - its super cool! 
  10. You cant do the whole park in a day so if you can do two days! If you only have one day like us, my advice would be, don't research the rides, don't have any expectations and take the day as it comes, as you dont' want the whole family to be excited about one ride which is closed on the day you go!  

Here is the video for how our day went and the one really gross issue we had with the pizza and pasta restaurant! 

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