The Seed

Funny isnt it, that a small idea, random thoughts and a few what ifs can become a real part of life?

We are starting this business because 1: we’re parents 2: one of us has worked in a childcare setting and 3: Because we ran our own sensory groups for children and their carers and we know first hand how expensive items are! Not just for parents but for everyone to be honest and that’s where we would like to bridge the gap and offer great products at affordable prices, so whether its for a home in smaller quantities or for a larger setting, our products are available to everyone!

This is the first time we have ever worked at a business idea and boy its tough BUT it’s great at the same time! To work with someone you are so close to can be tough, but if you work with each others strengths and weaknesses you can pretty much put anything else behind you!

An idea can become anything you want it to, ours started out as one thing and ended up being another, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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