We all love sorting! We all love colours and animals and dinos!

So its been a busy few days at the home of Lilbits but not too busy to have some fun time playing!

Just wanted to share a longer video from the playroom to show how effective colour sorting bowls and counters can be for small children when it comes to play and using their imagination!

I do not always have the camera set up but when I can see that the children are engaged its great to capture it for everyone to see!  I also capture them not playing quite as I would have planned too I promise!  Follow us on You Tube to see more videos....

Colour sorting bowls and counters - plus me, Lilbit and Lilbird with her rendition of 'wrecking ball' (and of course Lilbird is covered in pen as she tends to colour herself in instead of any paper or books I give her!)


You can get everything you see in the video (apart from us of course) HERE










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