When did you last do anything for yourself?

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I hardly do anything for my selfcare and today I made a plan and it WORKED 

I had planned the whole day in my head! The girls were being dropped off at dance school at 10am and I could then go to the beach for high tide at 11.30 and play with little man in the water until he was tired and THEN...THEN....I might get a nap time on my own where I could read my book.....AND.... FOR ONCE....IT.....WORKED!

Today I managed an HOUR AND A HALF of self care reading a book...I literally read over half the book while this little one slept in the sun tent after we had been on the beach playing!

Things like this NEVER work but today it DID!  It just happened to work out exactly as I had thought it out it in my head. And when it came to the afternoon and time to pack up to collect the girls I did it calmly and without fuss, even getting the sun tent down like a pro while the baby just sat in his buggy munching on some crisps!  I looked like one of those mums who had their shit together for once.....I did somehow manage to loose my towel between packing up and getting off the beach LOL

Then to top off a great day, I remembered that my mother in law was collecting the girls and me and the boy could go and get an ice cream (wine) and chill for a bit more!! 

So it showed me if you keep trying you can get those little pockets of time where you can look after yourself for a while!

It doesn't happen often but when they do we should embrace them!  My mum had suggested in the morning that maybe I went home and did some housework or work work while he played but then we would have missed out on an awesome time in the sea, plane watching, sand digging, peppa pig hiding and then my awesome book reading session!

So if you have a plan to get some time in for your self try it and do not put it off, if it doesnt work out dont stress, mine rarely do! But then it does work it is wicked! 

xx Sam xx


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