Where have the fidget spinners gone........

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So if you do not remember the fidget spinner craze which took control of all of our children (and adults) back a few months ago, you may have been living off the grid and to be fair I envy you slightly!  It went crazy for these things and to be fair there is still a rumbling of children needing bigger, better and shinier ones, but the almost overwhelming buzz of the spinners seems to have stopped...for now!

So if like me you have a few sat around the house, not being played with anymore then you may want to check out some of the ideas online of what else you could do with them (or you may just want to leave them well alone where they are, never to be heard again!)...but as often happens at Lilbits HQ we saw something this morning and thought we would give it a try....Art Spinners...now those who know me will know I am not a genius at figuring out how things work and how to put even the least complicated thing together so even this minor activity was not without errors!

So....for the Art Spinner...the idea is that you put some paper on the spinner and spin it around and lightly hold a pen to the paper and it will make super duper patterns like when we were younger and we used Spirograph (OK not quite but that's the closest thing I can think of right now).

I have added a video below of our attempt but just wanted to point out some issues we faced before we got to what looks like a pretty simple activity to do with a child!

• You need bluetak to secure the spinner down - otherwise its flies around and off the table - does this seem obvious to everyone but me?

• You also need bluetak to secure the paper down onto the spinner otherwise it doesn't move and it just stays there while the spinner goes around... 🙈
• If like me you only have three felt tips which are not dried up, beautiful coloured patterns you will not get, you will get marks on paper that are not so pretty (note to self: Buy more felt tips and teach seven year old how to put lids on!)

However I must say after all the palaver of getting blue tak off the back of posters (nicely ripped one in my panic) and finding a few non dried up felt tips in the bottom of the tub the activity was in fact quite therapeutic to do!

So if you have a fidget spinner now sat there doing zilch (can't just be me right?)..this could be something to try (and trust me your attempt will not be any worse than mine) 

SOOO all this got me thinking...Yes that's right there is more....

It got me thinking about the fidget spinner craze and the whole point of fidget toys which are meant to aid focus and concentration! I do not believe the fidget spinner did this to be honest; the spinner is a game, you do tricks and you need both hands to make it work and it is noisy!  All these things are not practical for someone who needs to be focused within school as it causes distractions to them as they want to watch it and see what else they can do and most probably causes distractions to others due to the noise...so whats the answer?

Normally fidget type resources are meant to be discreet and quiet so that the hands can be moving while the person using it concentrates or regains focus (or to reduce stress and anxiety in situations - I use mine when I am speaking in public at events) so we think that these items below are excellent for just that and win hands down in the fidget toy war!



Thinking Putties! We have so many types and sizes to suit all ages (Grown ups love these as do older children)

Thinking Putty Super Scarab


Twist and Lock Blocks



Tangles!  We have large ones, fuzzy ones, metallic and textured - These are the ULTIMATE Focus and fidget resource for all ages!


And to top of this wonderful collection, we have something new in which I wanted to share with you!  The CUBE BOOKS!  These ingenious little books are superb and work well as a focus toy for people who like to keep their hands moving, BUT not in the same way as all the others, these give the person something to concentrate ON, a learning aspect from the book, whether it is about dinosaurs, first spellings, flags or the human body there is a book for most ages and most interests!  Our lilones cannot put them down and they are great for us adults who do not have the best knowledge about subjects as they are nice and easy to read and understand while having some fun with your kids!

Check out the whole collection here!

Heres a little video of me catching Lilbit playing with hers earlier this evening so we had a little chat about it!  The human body book is our favorite at the moment but all of the others especially the planets and first words are awesome too!  Lots of choose from!

Thanks for reading x


Lilbits tip of the week:  Do not think that every video you watch will turn out the same in your house, majority have been edited within an inch of their lives and a thousand re takes to get to that final cut which we all see 30 seconds of!  Try everything you want and never worry if it doesn't turn out the same way xxx

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