Why are we having a 20% off Sale???

So we haven't ran the normal amount of discounts we would this year as we found that keeping our prices low and offering free shipping worked out well for everyone!

However, today we launched our summer sale discount code BEKIND2020.

We have added this discount code IN ADDITION to our FREE SHIPPING! 


....whats happening.....Why the sale?

So......2020....there is not much that hasn't happened this year eh! Part of me is shocked it is already August and the other half is shocked that it s ONLY August!

Back in January I had some exciting plans for my little online shop, I had taken on the business on my own and my husband was focused on building his career in a different direction, i did a few videos and posts about the changes coming and had started to make some plans..........but then the world seemed to turn upside down, my dad became terminally ill and spent a two months in hospital before being discharged to come and be with the family a week before COVID and lockdown....we closed for a couple of weeks while we worked out what was going on and I went back to reactive mode and ensured we had our regular stock that would help people out during lockdown (who would have ever predicted these crazy times!)

Unfortunately, as lockdown eased my dads struggle came to an end and that was when I was really able to reflect on my own issues (see beautiful disaster blog and facebook to follow that journey) and understand that there was a lot to do as life got back to normal (whatever that isI)

BUT...if 2020 with all its upset, smiles and tears (and every other emotion inbetween), has taught me anything, it is that life can sometimes take uncertain and unexpected turns and that life is short which means we have to try our best to get exactly what we want and need to make us happy.

So I am listening to my instinct which is telling me that I need to go back to those plans that I had and take a lilbit of time to breathe, plan and refocus the direction of Lilbits and Beautiful Disaster to those exciting new avenues!

To be able to do this, I am going to need to take some time to really get the work done (as its only little old me here doing the admin, webpage, order picking and packing at the moment and since lockdown so its pretty manic) so I am looking to have a quiet September with time off from the warehouse so I am doing a 20% off and FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING ONLINE for the next couple of weeks so I can start making the plans a reality ASAP! 

If you like the look of something, this would be the time to grab it as a lot of it wont be coming back to us again...not because I don't love it, but because I need to make the space for the new look before Christmas (sorry I shouldn't have said that word)

This is really an exciting opportunity to grow the business and I finally feel ready and confident for the move that Lilbits and Beautiful Disaster will be making during 2020!

We will still be here, the website is not going anywhere, but possibly with less resources available until the new launch happens xx

The new focus remains a secret until launch...(which I am hoping will be Oct / Nov)

Thanks for all of your support this year, I hope that this code and the free shipping makes getting what you need that little bit easier xx Sam xx


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