Why small children should maybe not be on LIVE news and more...

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We love scrolling through social media and coming across funny things on the internet while we are having our few minutes of rest time (ha ha)

We have found some wonderful ones this week and thought we would share them with you all!

Here is one reason why you should maybe get a babysitter when you are going to go on Live news with your story!  GO ON IRIS!  (how lovely is that name!)

When the dads get to baby-wear and shake their butts! (Love the cheering and laughing from the mums in the background!)

When you turn your back for five minutes and one of your children ends up covered in a tub of butter....it happens...(is this easier to get out than sudocream?)


 Have you followed LADBABY yet on facebook! We love them and the mum is my favorite and she completely wins on this video!  Gotta love a mum win!

Does your baby climb? Lilbit was a climber but never like this! I do not know if I am brave enough for this sort of thing, but the baby is owning this wall without a doubt!

AND finally our very own customer video of Scarlett using the magnet wand and chips with sensory rice!

You can get your ready made Sensory rice set HERE

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Hope everyone is having a great bank holiday weekend whatever you are doing!

Sam, Sam, Lilbit, Lilbird and Lilbump!  xxx


 P.S tomorrows video should hopefully be a gender reveal one for our own lilbump!

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