Why the curtains came down on the playroom for a few days!

You know when its been one of those weeks.....

The children have been banned from the playroom for a few days and here is why...

 They did help clear it up and normality resumed with less toys and less chaos which means they play better and are more focused on whatever they are doing! 



We find that less toys out and some simple set ups and invitations to play makes life easier and less stressful but sometimes chaos happens and there is nothing you can do about it!  I am sure they had fun when they were playing cafes and created all that mess lol but my inner self feels much better now we have some order in there again!  They started to play a lovely game of cafes (or apparently lilbird thought they were playing catefaces) and it was so nice to have them play together at home for half an hour! 

Its time to circulate the toys too so now we have more order I can re arrange and bring in some different toys during the week! 

I think we all have weeks like this....or thats what I tell myself as I cant be the only one who has this sort of thing happen!

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