You know the best thing for anxiety is sometimes to get out and feel the world around you!

Do you ever think that the walls are closing in and you need to get OUT!

Today was a day like that for us and you know what..we did just that! Half way through sorting cupboards and cleaning and the kids chasing eachother around and around the house, we downed tools and took to the outdoors as it was dry and sunny and dare I say it....warm! 

Sometimes, I think we all forget what getting out into nature really does for us!  Its therapeutic, relaxing and fun and depending where you go, pretty much FREE! 

I am the worst for anxiety about the house, I worry about what people will think if the house is "a mess" or something isn't as clean as I would like it and although I try my hardest, you will still find me cleaning the kitchen and tidying the hallway before the Tesco delivery man arrives (even though I know its crazy) I even apologised to one delivery man last week because workmen were in removing our boiler!)...anyway I digress...

We went to a local place called Porthkerry today, its literally five minutes away from our house and I do not know why we do not spend more time there!  A huge wood with a park, huge fields, streams, ponds and a massive pebble beach with so much to explore! We took the smallest two and we played for ages at the ponds looking at frog spawn and toads and playing , sink or float?, by throwing sticks and stones in the stream and then pebbles into the sea! 

It was massively needed and the kids adored it, as did we!

We went to the park and the baby wanted to climb like his sister and she wanted to go on the big swing now she isn't a baby!  Its so crazy how fast they grow and how we can sometimes spend so much time worrying about our homes, or what people think that we can forget that these beautiful days, these days of the week where we get to not worry and enjoy our children and the world around us without worrying about work and bills and the house, are what it is all about! 

We need more getting out and about and less worry, its not easy but small changes to our thinking and more time outside really does help with my anxiety and my constant over thinking.  This evening, I am calm and relaxed and the children have all gone to bed without a fuss and I have felt like I could write this blog post, which is something I haven't done in months! 

So this is just a quick one, for all the parents and carers, if you can, when you feel the walls closing in and your brain is going faster than it should and over thinking is creeping in...if you can, get outside, feel the grass under your feet, or the sand in your toes, run around, throw sticks into streams, and stones into the sea and try for even a short time, to remember what is important. Grounding I think it is called...and it works! 

Sam xx



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