40 Things to do before I'm 40 by Hilary Thurlow

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Hi, I’m Hils, first time blogger! I’m a wife, mum to two gorgeous children and a human being who has somehow lost herself along the way. I am struggling with Postnatal Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

40 things to do before I am 40

Looming in the distance, 27th July 2022, to be exact I will turn 40! Not exactly a welcome milestone. I thought by 40 I’d have my shit together instead I’m in the worst place I’ve ever been with my mental health which is blurring my perspective on life.

As a mum it is easy to lose yourself, you focus so much on your family that you can forget that you were a person in your own right before having kids.

I’m burnt out and have put everyone else’s needs before my own but I’m now realising that I can no longer pour from an empty cup. I will be a better person, mum, wife, friend and employee once I start focussing on myself and getting better.

I’ve decided to try and turn this dreaded milestone into a positive and have made a list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. My hope is that by having a focus I will go on a journey of self discovery, give some time back to me, have some fun and get back my mental wellness.

So here it is, my list! Made up of things I’ve never done with a few things chucked in that I haven’t done for many years.


1. Zip wire

2. Sea swim

3. Marathon

4. Give blood

5. Read a life changing book

6. Volunteer

7. Raise £1000 for charity

8. Tough mudder

9. Night in a hotel on my own

10. Have professional family photos taken

11. Wedding dress night with friends

12. Learn basic welsh

13. See an award winning play

14. Write letters to the people in my life who have helped/influenced/made a difference to my life

15. Do the 52 week saving challenge

16. Complete the waterfall walk

17. Welsh Three peaks

18. Vale ultra

19. Mummy and Finlay day of fun

20. Go to a concert

21. Go to an outdoor event – music or play

22. Go vegetarian for a month

23. Start my counselling course

24. Try stand up paddle boarding

25. Rekindle my love for skating

26. Severn bridge half marathon

27. Climb pen y fan with dad

28. Climb pen y fan to see the sunrise

29. Learn how to use my sewing machine

30. Make a mud kitchen

31. Start a blog

32. Run 1 mile in 8 minutes

33. Beach clean

34. Watch a foreign film with subtitles

35. Get a tattoo

36. Go to a rooftop cinema showing

37. Register with DKMS to become a blood stem cell donor

38. Take the kids stargazing/camping/glamping

39. Girlie weekend away

40. Make a space just for me to relax, my own quiet corner

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and that I inspire at least one person to talk about mental health.


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