Are you a woman looking to change your relationship with alcohol?  

Are you starting to think that your drinking habits are causing a negative                                impact on you and your loved ones?

Are you worried both your quantity and frequency has increased over the years?

Do you feel like you need to take a break from drinking after too much over                                the  summer holidays and lockdowns?

Our FREE four day 'Rising from the Bottle' accountability group starts on 19th


Come and join us to start your own journey to regain 

πŸ”₯ Clarity πŸ”₯ Confidence πŸ”₯Calm πŸ”₯ Control πŸ”₯ Choice πŸ”₯ Clear-head

Working together in a private group we will address why we drink and how we can start to    work on changing our habit so we can spend less time worrying about drinking and more      time being present in our lives.

Life is too short not to experience living.

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This is not a medical service.