Who am I Worksheet
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Who am I Worksheet

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Week SEVEN of our empowering questions and journaling prompts!

Who am I? 

Seems like a big question doesnt it?  Do you ever ask yourself it?  Do many of us ever really like to delve into this area?

These questions are personal to you, for each person it will bring up different thoughts and feelings

Sit with the question and think.  See what comes up and go with your honest gut answers.  This weeks worksheets are set up like brainstorms as sometimes it is best just to get it all out and see what comes of it.  The good the bad and the ugly...whatever this question brings to the surface 

The next work sheet asks you to think about what holds you back from being who you want to be?  What does the inner voice in your head say which holds you back, what things from the past and present stay in your head and stop you moving forward.

Then there are some pages to work through this with thoughts and doodles and whatever else you might want to do.

Next weeks question will be focused on Who we want to be as that is a good next step from this xx 

Every workbook is fillable online as well as being printable or you can just use it as inspiration in your own notebooks.


Take your time, do not rush and be honest with yourself on what the questions or prompts bring up for you xx



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