I am Grateful that I am someone...
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I am Grateful that I am someone...

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Week Three in our empowering questions and journaling prompts!

This is all about saying nice things about ourselves, things we have done and the things we will do or want to do in the future
It’s about not being scared to say “I am grateful that I have fabulous legs” I am grateful that I am a fantastic person” "I am grateful I can walk in beautiful woods near my home" or whatever it is that you would never normally say outloud because we have such a learned behaviour that we should not praise ourselves or be happy and pleased with the things we have and can do!
We have to be our biggest fans..it helps our confidence and there is nothing wrong with loving ourselves and what we do x
Gratitude is a big thing and something that might seem a little bit strange when you first start but I also wanted to pop a little difference in it, instead of being grateful of the things around you I want you to have a think about yourself..
What things are you grateful about yourself.
We hardly ever spend much time thinking about ourselves and what we like about ourselves, what we are grateful to be able to do or to have done or what we are thankful that we will get to do in the future (nothing wrong with a little pre gratitude for the things we have planned in for the future)!
Have a think about this, start acknowledging all your are grateful for about yourself and those things you want to achieve in the future too if you want.


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