What is Worrying You? Worksheet
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What is Worrying You? Worksheet

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Week Six Worksheet - What is Worrying you?

These worksheets can be used on your phone or laptop / device as they are fillable PDFS or you can print them or use them as inspiration for your own notebook or journal!

This week I wanted to focus on a way to get your worry out of your head and onto paper so you can start to break it down.

Thoughts can whirl and spin and gather momentum so quickly and sometimes the worry can escalate within our thoughts when we have not had the opportunity to talk it through.....and sometimes we do not even want to talk about it with someone either.

We can start to talk it through with ourselves, and by writing it down and asking a few questions sometimes we can understand it more and whether it is in fact something we need to resolve or something we need to accept.  Do we need help with it or do we need to take some action ourselves that is within our control?

Once we start to really see our worries we can start to work on them and get them out of the chaos that is our mind and be more clear on them 

Sam x

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